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We've been developing a unique platform to monitor and analyse your environments (geographic regions, buildings, cities, production units, etc.) from a high-level 3D live view!

The Internet of Things is constantly expanding, and analysing the huge amount of data it generates can be a cumbersome task without proper tools.

Connect your infrastructure (ERP, sensors, devices, etc.) to our platform in order to monitor and analyse your business from a strategic level.We've been developing a unique platform to monitor and analyse your environments (buildings, cities, production units, etc.) from a high-level 3D live view!

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Upload your 3D models

Have your own 3D models imported on or choose what you need in our repository. We also have graphic designers to create all your 3D assets and import them directly in your project.

Exchange with our two-way secured API

Connect your data sources to the 3D model by writing simple calls to our API. Every data received through the API is then broadcasted to authorized users and impact 3D views. Accessing our API is done through a secure connexion. Each 3D unit has it's own data streams, numerical or textual.

Animate 3D units

Every single numerical data source can be bound to 3D units position, rotation, scale or animations, based on predefined ranges and states. Understanding what is going on in your project is super easy thanks to the 3D view.

Compute in the coud

Complex computations can be run on your data at specific moments (periodic or triggered). We manage for you this computing infrastructure and integrate the results directly in your 3D dashboard.

Draw graphs

We integrated d3.js library into our service to create live graphs. There is no limit in the drawing possibilities and you can achieve the exact result you need for clear presentation of your projects. The graphs can be imported as a 3D object in your dashboard.

Integrate in your website and applications

We provide a clean responsive web page for every 3D view, dashboard and graph to integrate them easily in your own existing websites and applications. The 3D viewer is compatible with any modern web browser, on smartphones and computers.


All the data pushed to our API can possibly be stored in our database to replay specific moments from the past. A session context is bound to defined time frames and restrict data set bounds.

Manage different levels of permissions

You can define different levels of authorization to access more or less information and restrict access to sensible data. You choose the exact data you want to communicate at every single level.

Define triggers and notifications levels

Each data source can be used to notify or alert your users. If a certain level is reached, you can be notified through e-mail or smartphone notifications.

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